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Our Team

Emrys Tetu

Emrys offers 25 years of knowledge in all things wellness. She not only practices, but teaches others to understand the value in a healthy mind and a healthy body. Having studied in locations all over the world, she comes to JUL Yoga with perspective and innovative ideas. She helps others explore how to become more in-tune with themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through a well-balanced lifestyle. Yoga, healthy cooking and clean eating are just the beginning of her philosophy. Her teaching methods are ever evolving to suit the needs of her students. She gives special care to alignment and spinal health, and can always provide modifications for all levels. Emrys is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

Stephen Masullo

After completing his teacher training from Kripalu School of Yoga, Stephen assisted others in earning their Yoga stripes while working towards and receiving his 500 hour teacher training. Stephen comes to JUL Yoga with a unique background in engineering, in addition to providing a fresh and proven approach to his teachings. His classes gracefully combine elements of flow and balance that leave students feeling refreshed, yet grounded at the same time. One can expect to get transcended by his bamboo flute when approaching the meditative state of shavasana.

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Grace Osora Erhart

Grace Osora Erhart, an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified instructor, brings her deep love for yoga to the mat. For Grace, yoga is a meditation in motion. “Each class begins with intention” explains Grace, “We come to the present moment so we are guided to approach each movement with respect and genuine connection with our bodies.” Having practiced for over 30 years, Grace integrates her talent and experience into her teaching, including her roles as a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Dream Teacher in the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. Putting special emphasis on pranayam (breathing exercises) and mindful alignment, Grace’s classes guide her students to feel more balanced, stable and alive.

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Katie Ziskind

Katie Ziskind, a Registered Yoga Teacher, is a passionate, alignment-focused instructor. She teaches a challenging, vinyasa flow style class that builds muscle, improves bone density, increases heart rate, uplifts mood, provides a stretch to tight muscles, and relieves built up stress. All levels are welcome and modifications are always available. As Katie’s personal practice grows, she shares positive energy and enthusiasm with her students of all ages. She hopes to help cultivate inner peace on the mat and radiate positivity outside of the studio.

Kate Jones

Kate Jones loves Yoga and has spent the last 17 years growing as a student and as a teacher. She was trained in the mindset that yoga can be for everybody and every body. Kate teaches with a focus on tuning in to your own body, inviting — really listening to what it needs Encouraging everyone to find and embrace their unique yoga journey. She works to create an environment where students can grow both physically and spiritually.

Classes always include modifications and options for all with a moderate and positive flow.

Christine Naktenis

Christine Naktenis has spent the past 13 years developing and growing as a yoga teacher and practitioner. She is certified through Yoga Alliance and did her Teacher Training at West Hartford Yoga. Christine teaches primarily a strong, power-flow yoga class. She has been inspired by her trainings throughout the years with many influential teachers and mentors. Christine’s style continues to morph and change as she grows as a person and yogini. She values a safe and well aligned practice for her students with a fun flow!

Constance Kendros

Since 1993, Constance Kendros has studied extensively with a wide range of teachers, but has been most influenced by the eclectic, yet traditional teachings of Jivamukti founders, David Life & Sharon Gannon. Her greatest strength in life comes from her consistent daily yoga practice. She teaches musically infused and philosophically charged classes that aim to inspire and enliven. Her classes are challenging, yet aspire to be fun and promote oneness of being, with a strong focus on the breath. She welcomes people of all levels, ages and lifestyles. Constance has been a nationally certified yoga teacher since 2005.

Abby Valletta

Abby began practicing yoga to stay in touch with herself and for the grounding that the practice provides. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, she is passionate about sharing this practice with others and creating a safe space where yoga is accessible for all. Abby comes to JUL Yoga with a background as a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in working with those suffering from chronic pain, injuries or the effects of trauma. Her teaching style is gentle, offering lots of options and modifications so every student can be met where they are at. Abby believes in moving with intention, encouraging her students to feel what is happening in their bodies, instead of simply going through the motions.