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Teacher Feature:

Grace Osora Erhart

Question 1

What makes your class special?

In addition to being a yoga teacher for nearly 30 years, I’m also a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist. I focus heavily on safety through alignment and breathing for the body and mind while still keeping things fun. My teaching is rooted in the classic Kripalu Yoga tradition so I do not focus on the aerobic way of teaching yoga and put more energy into the breath and complete mental experience through meditation and motivation. I work to help each student find their true self.

  • I learned to take strength, balance and joy from my practice every day.

    — Grace

Question 2

What's your yoga story?

I knew yoga was for me when I attended my first class at 19. I truly believe in the experience, not just exercise of yoga. I decided to become a teacher at age 25 and attended the Kripalu Ashram for training in Pottsville, PA. A classic Kripalu training means an adherence to the Eastern yoga traditions and culture. It also means sleeping on a chapel floor with fellow trainees and learning to love waking up at 4am, eating only vegetarian and never having a moment to yourself! It was an intense experience that made me love yoga even more. Kripalu’s vision matches my personal yoga vision; “The integration of yoga with contemporary discoveries in medicine, psychology, and science.”

I learned to take strength, balance and joy from my practice every day. I continue to be a student, and have never been to a yoga class I didn’t appreciate or gain insight from.

Question 03

Where can we find you off the mat?

I truly believe the practice of yoga should come off the mat with me. Yoga has made me realize that no matter what life brings you, yoga is there to bring you back to center. I have to be mindful of this throughout my day. No matter the weather, you can find me hiking the trails with my dog, Sata. She instinctively stays “in the moment” (unless there’s a squirrel nearby) and teaches me to do the same (love squirrels, that is).