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JUL Announcement

We've loved every second...

…but it’s time to say goodbye.

Please read a letter from Jul below.

Read the Letter

Dear JUL Yogis,

Yoga found me in my early twenties, up in the Catskill mountains. It was there that a great, old yogi told me “You have your whole life to become an expert with yoga.” That was such a relief to hear, as I am a Type-A personality and I surround myself mostly with people who fall into that category. The idea that you could work on something like this for life — learning to breathe, rolling with the punches, being compassionate to those around you — was so empowering!

Many of you might know this, but in October I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It changed my practice completely. I was no longer worried about how deep I could get into a pose or how long I could hold a handstand. I came back to my breath. In the last eight months, that breathing and the ability to calm my heart rate helped me get through so many tests and procedures. It made me grateful for spending two decades working on breathing deep and releasing stress.

R O L L I N G   W I T H   T H E   P U N C H E S
My team is great at rolling with the punches, but I think this pandemic was something none of us expected. How could we? It’s so surreal. We’ve taken our yoga breathing into our living rooms, Zoom’d into classes, and have been (trying) to be compassionate with ourselves and our families. (Please no more home schooling!)

P A S S I O N A T E   A B O U T   O U R   C O M M U N I T Y
We started JUL Yoga because it fit perfectly into our core values: inspire change, create growth, and pour love. We’ve always been passionate about making our community’s lives better. What I’ve always loved about a yoga class is that we all come and breathe together. My sister is a massive introvert and she loves that she can do yoga in the privacy of her own home. I’m a massive extrovert and I need my yogis to help me stay focused and to push (or maybe not push) me through our hour together.

J U L   Y O G A   S T U D I O   I S   C L O S I N G
We have a tiny studio and the CDC guidelines for practicing don’t work with the limited amount of space that we have. The matching yogini masks and yoga legging sets are so cute, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine practicing like that. We tried to make it work, but unfortunately I think it’s time to roll with the punches and (as much as it hurts us) close the JUL Yoga studio.

All valid memberships and class credits will be refunded within the next 30 days. Our team will be in contact with those receiving refunds, and if you would like to trade some of your membership dollars for yogi props we’re happy to do that. We have mats, straps, and sand bags available.

J U L Y O G A . C O M
Our website will remain open so that you can still purchase your favorite smudge bundles, candles, underwear, schedule pads, and more. Whew that’s a wild list of products, but we’re a wild bunch of yogis!

Thank you so much for joining us at JUL Yoga and for making our beautiful community even brighter. We’re grateful for our teachers for sharing their energy and love, and every yogi that stepped foot onto a mat here at JUL.

XXOO, Jul.